erica-7Erica Lonabaugh is a coach, spiritual teacher and trainer who helps people who want to create their dream life. Erica believes that there is a lot of power in our thoughts and beliefs, but people often attribute their pain or feeling stuck to external circumstances: the way another person acts, the job they have, or the weight they carry on their bodies. Erica is a translator of sorts and is able to bring clarity to what someone is currently manifesting into their lives and helps them heal in order to get them into perfect alignment with what they truly desire.  Erica’s purpose is to show others how to create what they want in their life by helping them to become aware of what’s going on in their mind. Once aware, people have the choice to become the one in charge of their mind and use it as the amazing tool that it was always intended to be.

Sustainable change is an inside job and one that needs to be worked on from the root of the issue. Erica teaches others, in a very practical way, how a shift in their thinking can cause a shift in their awareness and change their life in ways that they might now tell themselves is “a dream” or “for other people, but not for them.”

Erica has been coaching others her entire life but was unaware of it. Even having a Holocaust surviver tell her she should be a life coach after their conversation at the age of 22. Erica has overcome depression and feelings of unworthiness, isolation and loneliness and made the choice to become the heroine of her own life by finding a way to bring joy, love and peace back. Through meditation, positive affirmations, and unshakable faith in the idea that we can all improve, Erica was able to lift herself out of the dark place of hopelessness. Erica not only transformed her life but through her overcoming her own emotional trauma, has been able to help others overcome theirs.

Erica is also the founder of Master Manifestation Academy, an innovative coaching and training program for people who want to create their dream life, whether that involves a wonderful healthy relationship, dream job, better health, or just more peace and joy. Being able to teach others how to embrace the fresh energies of each new day, Erica has come to master the art of living in the moment and truly understands how to clarify interactions between how people see themselves move through time and in relationships with others.

Erica began her career in marketing, starting her own social media management company, Relate24 in 2011. While working with different businesses and brands, Erica often found herself inadvertently coaching the CEO’s of these organizations. Now, Erica is living her passion and has dedicated her life to helping others find and live theirs.