Work With Me

Erica helps others create their dream life by teaching them how to become the master of their mind. We all want loving relationships, the dream job, more abundance, better health, or just more peace and joy. Erica teaches others that by becoming aware of what you do in the present moment, you will effect your future moments to come. During the process of overcoming depression in her early twenties, Erica embarked on a spiritual journey that changed her life forever. Inspired by her discovery that by becoming aware of our internal dysfunction and becoming the master of our mind we can change the world around us. She turned her life around, creating a life filled with peace, joy and fulfillment. Since then, she has dedicated her life to helping others heal, become masters of manifestation and create their dream lives.

Scheduling your session

Please email me at to schedule a schedule a complimentary coaching session or call me at 760.994.9176.